FHQ M4 and Accessories packs updated

I just uploaded new versions of both the M4 and the Accessories pack. The M4 pack contains mostly tweaks to the sound configs as well as compatibility tweaks for the new Accessories pack.

The new Accessories pack contains new stuff as well as replaced/remodeled old stuff. For details and downloads refer to the M4 and Accessories pages.

Arma Toolbox for Blender released

Since a while now I have been using a custom script I wrote to export my Arma models from Blender. I have decided to brush things up and release this to the public, in the hope that others may find it useful and/or start modding for Arma 2 or Arma 3 themselves.

So, head over to this page and grab the archive, and read the tutorial on how to install and use it. If you don’t have Blender yet, you can download it at blender.org.