FHQ Accessories Pack


This pack contains a couple of real-world attachments and optics like the AN/PEG-15 laser module,ACOG rifle scope and other common (and eventually, not so common) attachments.

All attachments, where applicable, have working BIS-Standard Collimator sights, meaning the red dot and holo reticules are functional as their real-life counterparts.

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Current Version: 1.7.1 (hotfix)

(Steam Workshop)


Change Log

1.7 Changes:

  • Reduced lens glare
  • Flashlight brightness bossted
  • Adjusted FOV’s to default Arma 3 FOV

1.6 changes:

  • Lens cleanup. Lenses should now be less dirty and hence make aiming easier
  • All Collimators changed to the new shader technology.

  • All scopes now have the scope shadow effect.

  • All atttachments have icons in the arsenal to make identification easier.

  • As far as possible, “tunnel effects” have been reduced, most notably on the Aimpoint. Sadly, the VCOG’s shape does not lend itself to such possibilities, and I am considering removing or hiding it from the pack.

  • Removed MRT messages from the optics. The lasers/flashlights will still show active function, but the optics only rely on their visual state.

1.5 changes:
  • Animated magnifiers. Requires the MRT Accessory Functions addon
  • LLM-01 can toggle between flashlight and laser
  • New Aimpoint 3X magnifier, mounted behind the CompM4 and MicroCCO optics
  • Some texture and material reworks
  • Attempts to make some of the reticles more usable and reduce some tunnel effects
  • Proper inertia values assigned

1.4 changes:

• New Scope: Trijicon VCOG
• New Scope: Barska AC12136
• New Scope: Barska AC11704
• New Scope: ITL MARS
• Added black version of AN/PEQ-15 (thanks GsvE for the texture)
• Updated AN/PEG-15 tan texture (thansk to GsvE)
• Updated 3D ACOG scope

1.3 changes:

1.2 changes:

  • Compatible with Arma 3 Beta
  • ACOG is now a 3D scope like the default scopes. Note that the Leupold is still the same, as is the G33, which will stay like this until there is an animation source for animating attachments based on selected sight.

1.1 changes:

  • New sight: MicroCCO with two different mountings
  • New sight: Leupold Mark 4 ER/T sniper scope
  • New sight: EoTech 533 HWS
  • Remade texture for LLM-01
  • Remade texture for Aimpoint, including tan version
  • Remodel of the G33/HWS combo
  • Remodeled ACOG
  • New authentic ACOG sight


Currently, the following attachments are available:

  • Trijicon ACOG RCO with Trijicon Red Dot backup sight
  • AimPoint CompM4 Red Dot sight
  • GSCi TWS-3050 Thermal Weapon Sight
  • L3/EoTech G33 magnifier and Holographic Weapon Sight
  • AN/PEG-15 Infrared Laser module
  • Rheinmetall LLM-01 (“Laser-Licht-Modul”) as an IR laser and flashlight.
  • New in 1.1: EoTech 533 Holographic Sight
  • New in 1.1: AimPoint MicroCCO with LaRue Tactical mounting
  • New in 1.1: Leupold Mark 4 ER/T scope 6.5-20, with 6.5, 10 and 19.5 magnification and working, zooming mildot sight
  • New in 1.4: Barska AC12136
  • New in 1.4: Barska AC11704
  • New in 1.4: Trijicon VCOG
  • New in 1.4: ITL MARS

Some of these are rather old models, and I don’t consider them to be good anymore; they will be eventually replaced by remodelled versions.


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