ArmaDEV for Eclipse is a plugin for the Eclipse IDE Platform for editing missions and other files relevant to the ARMA game series.

Released under the Creative Commons Attribution Unported License, ArmaDEV supports the following features:

  • Integrated SQF Editor with
    • Syntax highlighting. Keywords are colored by their type and the combination of local and global arguments they accept. Strings, comments, and other elements are also colored.
    • Automatic formatting and auto-indent. Braces are automatically indented, and brackets can be automatically matched. Comments can be formatted automatically.
    • Content Assist. Hovering the mouse pointer over a keyword will pop up an explanation of the keyword including parameters and description. A custom view is available that displays this information permanently as a side-bar.
    •  Auto-completion. Hitting CTRL+SPACE will use what you entered and propose completions. Currently only works for keywords and functions, I want to add support for local and global variables later.
    • Folding. Since there are no real high-level constructs in SQF, folding is done via special comment markers (“//+” to start a fold, “//-” to end it) and can be nested at any depth.
    • Template support. CTRL+SPACE will also propose template expansions if their name matches with the prefix in the editor.
  • Integrated Project Management. There are two New Project Wizards available currently:
    • New Mission from source – create a project from an existing mission.
    • Freeform Mission – create a new mission from scratch.
    • (partially implemented) Assisted Mission template
  • COMREF view – displays context-sensitive Command reference
  • RPT File view


ArmaDEV is distributed as an update site for Eclipse. Here’s how to install it:

  1. If you haven’t got Eclipse yet, go to and download any of the Eclipse distributions. ArmADev supports anything after Eclipse 3.7 “Indigo”, although the latest version is recommended
  2. Run Eclipse.
  3. In the “Help” menu, select “Install new Software”
  4. Click the “Add” button to add a new repository
  5. Give it a name, for example “ArmaDEV update site”
  6. In the URL field, enter “”
  7. Click “Okay”
  8. In the list, it should now show an “ArmADEV” category. Click the checkbox in front of it to install all items in that category (all one of them :))
  9. Click Okay, and when it asks you whether you want to install an unsigned plugin (this one isn’t signed) say yes.
  10. After installation, it will ask you to restart the workbench. Simply select “Restart” to perform this step
  11. ArmADev is now ready for use.

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