FHQ Arma 3 Coop Pack #1

Welcome to the FHQ Coop mission pack #1 for Arma 3. All missions in this pack are playable as Coop or single player and are compatible with dedicated servers.

The archive contains the missions with an empty name fields to allow for easier sorting in the server setup screen.

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All missions are also available on the Steam Workshop.


Mission Content:

  • Mountain King (Altis): A NATO recon team has to raid CSAT sentry camps that guard vital supply routes.
  • Point insertion (Stratis): A NATO infiltrator unit is tasked with destroying costal defenses in preparation of the
    invasion of the island of Stratis
  • Convoy Rogain (Stratis): Infiltrator unit Shark is to ambush a convoy brining troops to Camp Rogain.
  • Movers (SP/CO08-12, Altis): After dismantling of outpost Demeter, a group of AAF soldiers must protect the trucks carrying the equipment back to Syrta. This mission can be played with 8 or 12 players. If 8 players are available, the convoy drivers should remain AI and the convoy can be radio controlled to start or stop.
  • A Man of Faith (SP/CO16, Altis): CSAT soldiers try to destroy a downed CSAT drone to prevent the technology from falling into enemy hands (Workshop)
  • Flycatcher (SP/CO16, Altis): After one of their secret camps is detected, a bunch of FIA fighters launch a desperate attempt to shoot down the plane bound to bomb their comrades (Workshop)
  • Plant your Fields (SP/CO16, Altis): A large, combined arms attack on Sofia
  • Screw Driving (SP/CO06, Stratis): After a breakdown of their convoy, the survivors try to escape the island
  • Ping Pong (SP/CO08, Altis): After a ship housing a secret service cell is sunk after hitting a mine, a team of divers is sent in to retrieve a valuable communications asset that went down with the ship.


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