FHQ TaskTracker

The FHQ TaskTracker is a script for handling tasks and briefings in your missions, dealing with all the details of adding or removing tasks, keeping their state coherent across the network, handling join in progress, and more.


Copy the script into your mission folder. The included PDF details the actual use of the script in your mission scripting.


  • V 2.0 – Complete rewrite of the original one, now with new features, like JIP for disabled clients/respawn
  • V 2.1 – fixes a small bug that popped up the task name instead of the short description when creating a new task.
  • V 2.2 – fixes a small bug that was supposedly fixed with 2.1 but wasn’t since I was too dense to notice, so this time it is really fixed.
  • V 4.0 – Total rewrite with a lot of new features



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