FHQ Combat Mode

With Arma 3 1.56 came the possibility to prevent AI from automatically entering combat mode. This is useful for instances where you, for example, want to quickly move through terrain, but the AI is doing their “Bounding Overwatch Dance”. This addon allows you to create a set of hotkeys that …

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FHQ M4 pack updated

Version 1.9 of the FHQ M4 pack is now available. Among other things, the new M4’s come with custom made reload animations now (separated anims for standing and prone), some model and texture reworks, and proper icons for the AFG variants. Check them out here.

FHQ Arma 3 Coop Pack #1

We have released our first batch of Arma 3 coop missions in the form of a Steam Workshop collection. The collection currently contains 9 missions, covering a wide range of different scenarios and player counts. Most of the missions can be played single-player as well. For more information, check here.