FHQ Remington Pack updated

I just uploaded a new version of the FHQ Remington Pack, making this revision 1.2. Most notable new feature is the inclusion of a new variant of ACR, the ACR TWS with thermal weapon sight.

New in this release:

  • New ACR Variant: ACR with a TWS-3050 Thermal Weapon Sight with all options (Grenade Launcher, Silencer).
  • New Inventory icons for the magazines
  • Replaced green bags for magazines on the ground with real models.
  • New sounds for the MSR, XM2010 and RSASS.
  • Muzzle flashes toned down to a more realistic measure. Now uses the same muzzle flash as the BIS SCAR’s.
  • Bonus Mission: Pinnacle 01: Just Another Boring Day by Varanon. Playable both as single and multiplayer.
  • Zeroing changes: The HWS and CCO silenced variants of the ACR now have their zeroing reduced to 100. This should give a lower trajectory and make hitting targets easier with subsonic ammunition. The iron sight version has adjustable zero, and all other versions have inherent predetermined zeroing due to their scope type.

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